Avataro Sentai Donbrothers DVD (Vol. 1-50End + Movie) with English Subtitles

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Story line:

Heroes unlike those you've ever seen before! These five are based on the Tale of Momotaro, as a dog, pheasant, monkey, and oni join together to fight against other demons! Using the legendary powers of the Avataro Gears, they load an avatar to fight as they Avatar Change! They fight against the dreaded Oni, demons born from human desires, and the demonic organization that supports them, the Noto! When a high school student named Haruka Kito gets mysterious powers, she is told by a man named Jin Momoi that she must find his son, Taro Momoi, and swear loyalty to him! But what exactly does this all mean? And who are these mysterious allies he keeps mentioning she will find? The story of the Donbrothers will unravel as we journey into this wondrous festival together!!
Genre: Animation
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Chinese, Malay
Picture Format: NTSC & All Region code
No. of Disc:   3 DVD 
Publisher:  Imported

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