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All About TV Show Boxsets
Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime offer subscribers a variety of binge-enabled shows, but some of the best and most critically acclaimed shows can also be found on Sky, with Sky customers available on demand and through the Sky Go app. Ob detective dramas, epic fantasy, science fiction, action, vampires, comedies, gangsters and more - this list of top 20 box sets will make your life a little easier - and we guarantee you will find many valuable ways to fill many hours of reading.
For more TV shows, check out our list of the best Netflix shows in the UK and our best documentaries. In case you're not in the mood to start with a new box set, we have an updated list of the best movies and TV on Sky Guide as well as the best movies on Netflix UK and Amazon Prime UK.
The list of shows everyone wants to see but can't find time for is growing relentlessly, so we've put together a list of the 20 best box sets (in no particular order) to make life a little easier. Whether comedy, drama, documentary or action thriller, you have the best TV shows you can currently watch. Channel 4 has had some epic showboxing over the years, and you can see them all on its four platforms.

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We recommend going on TV for a whole host of classic shows, from crime classics such as The Sopranos and The Affair to heart-wrenching, beautifully written series, played by Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. Fans of The Killing and other Scandinavian thrillers will love this super TV series starring Timothy Spall, who played the title character in the series. On Netflix are some of the best shows that can spark a binge, such as Gossip Girl and The Crown.
One of the most brilliant TV shows of all time, now in its fifth season on Sky Atlantic and Showtime USA. If you're just getting an idea of what to get excited about, we suggest you check out the first two series of the series and watch the trailer below. Sex and the City 2016, Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.
One of my favourite shows I've seen lately is epic. One of the best shows in recent years, a drama show that has done so much to tell a story.
The best thing about these shows being on the air is that you can watch every single one, but it depends on how much time you want to spend watching every single one in one day. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, so you can skim through all six series in no time in a Sky box, but we suggest spending an extra minute debating whether you like Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda. Boxset Australian pay TV channels show boxing sets with hit dramas and comedy programs.
Amazon has some of the best show box sets when it comes to streaming. Apple TV has a growing collection of TV shows that you can watch if you subscribe to the service, and a number of new shows are constantly being added. Studios make it more attractive to buy physical media with stunning Collectors Edition box sets featuring some of our favorite movies and shows.

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The complete collection includes all three seasons on DVD and Blu-ray, the acclaimed film Miss Fisher: Crypt of Tears, exclusively for Phryne Fisher, a glamour amateur detective whose investigations are taking her to dangerous places, including a backstreet jazz club, a shady neighborhood and a magnetic puppet set. If you want to see some spectacular movies and TV shows, this box set contains beautiful collectible editions of Game of Thrones and Star Trek as well as new releases such as A Quiet Place II, Zack Snyder's Justice League and more. The wooden case is perfect for Trekkies in your life, as it contains 30 Blu-ray discs featuring original crew films and TV shows, a 50th anniversary documentary, the first fully remastered version of the animated series, more than 20 hours of bonus content, Starfleet pins, mini-posters from the first six feature films and much more.
With the advent of DVD box sets, the quality binge-out of an entire season has become the perfect way to spend a weekend. While the experience of watching a show can be lost when online recaps, deep dives and Easter egg analysis are still in their infancy, box sets rarely run for a second - not least because you can torture your way through a hellish third series in a single weekend.
You can close this classic TV show with the 60s Mad Men drama which brought us closer to the talents of Elisabeth Moss and former Glamour UK cover star Kiernan Shipka.
Created by The Office writers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, it's no wonder it has become one of the most successful comedy series with seven seasons. Well-made, well-acted characters lead to a series of shows on television that can turn idiot boxes into an art form. A long-forgotten series that marks the return of modern television, the cultural significance of its presence on Netflix at a time when Breaking Bad was the best kept secret on television.
The show, which marked the return of the dating show, was one of the first to be credited with inflicting the curse of the bingeable box on its viewers.
Based on the Israeli series Betipul, Insecure Drama is pure drama, starring Gabriel Byrne as a therapist who works with a group of four clients per season and uncovers one complex and relatable person after another. You can see the complete retelling of this true story in eerie box-set form. Imbibe The Sopranos Box is set as it expands from a real-time drama about mafia bosses and therapy to a poetic meditation on life and death.

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